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Green Diesel Products

I was part of the beta. This tune made the truck fun to drive. Much more responsive to acceleration. I also saw a 5 mpg increase in combined driving. The ECU swap was really easy and took about 25 min. GDE was prompt to ship and refund the core charge.

David Day
Thursday 11 June 2015

WOW! That sums up the performance delivered by the GDE Hot Tune! Installed by new flashed ECM within 20 minutes, what a piece of cake. Performance is noted immediately. The turbo really is noticeable now, and the power is dramatic. Not a single check engine light after new tune, not one hiccup. After I ordered, my new flashed ECM was shipped the same day and got to me in three days. 5 Stars!

Jesse Larbey
Friday 18 December 2015

Excellent tune. Others may offer more power, but this one is the best. Truck is much more responsive. Torque is amazing. Curves are very flat and very wide. There is little to no lag now and mileage is significantly better. Excellent customer service. The team is extremely knowledgeable and answers all emails quickly. Buy with confidence. You will not regret it.

David Pollack
Tuesday 23 February 2016

I’ve been running this tune, with the braking option, for almost a year. It does exactly as claimed. It simply realizes the potential of the engine without excess and fixes the drawbacks of the factory tune. One of these days I’ll remember to send in the factory ECU for credit, but I’ve yet to find time, driving around with a grin on my face!

Doug Boze
Sunday 1 May 2016

Just installed the hot tune on my wk. It completely blew my mind! The power and throttle response is amazing. Haven’t drove long enough to see mpg gains but even if i don’t get better mileage i will be more than happy with my investment. Transmission shifts much better and turbo lag is gone it feels like a new jeep. Great job GDE!!

Gerrit Anema
Sunday 28 April 2019

Thanks for a great product and support! I have a 2008 Grand Cherokee and purchased the HOT Tune for it. I am thoroughly impressed. This tune has brought this engine to life! The throttle response and feel of immediate power is the best. I saw an instant bump in fuel economy also.

steven kroll
Thursday 5 April 2018

Best thing I ever did for my 2014 ED truck. Should have done it a lot sooner. Saved me thousands when the dealer told me that my DEF tank sensor was bad and I need to replace the tank for 3K! This is after Ram put over 8K in it in warranty work since I bought it. Don’t wait, get it now. Save yourself unneeded wear on the motor and trips to the dealer with CEL’s. GDE is very responsive to any questions you may have.

Robert White
Friday 31 August 2018