GM Colorado/Canyon Tune Update For Existing Customers

Starting at: $50


This is for existing customers that lost tunes after dealer service or a recall.



Installation Instructions

Trans Tune Specifics

Transmission flash information
  • Improved usage of torque converter lock-up
  • Optimized shift points in normal “D” for part throttle fuel economy, WOT performance, and responsiveness
  • Tow/haul shift strategy optimized for operation in peak torque band engine speed range and better engine braking performance

Regen Message Feature

The regen message feature will notify of an active regen event in the cluster.  This message is active as long as the regen event is running.

This is a very useful feature for vehicles doing a lot of short trips to drive a bit longer when the regen needs to happen to prevent DPF plugging issues in the field.  It is also a cool message to see and better understand what the vehicle is doing.


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