EcoDiesel Tune Update For Existing Customers

Starting at: $50

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  • Price: $50.00
  • If you already have the trans tune, the update is $50. If you need the trans tune, then cost is $300.
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This is for existing customers that lost tunes after dealer service or a recall.  If you had our engine tune only, then you need a flash tool ($200) to perform the update and also a trans tune ($300). If you have our transmission tune, then you already have the flash tool and the update is easier to handle.


If you did not already have the flash tool, or you have one but it got bricked during a dealer update, then you need to add that manually to your order at this link: GDE Flash Tool


GDE EcoDiesel Info Repository

Trans Tune Specifics

Eliminates 2-1 downshift hesitation at low speed tip-in maneuvers (i.e. rolling stop sign re-acceleration)
• Upshifts earlier in all conditions for improved fuel economy.
• Downshift criteria revamped to best utilize engine torque curve and stay in each gear longer.
• Hill mode optimization to prevent gear hunting
• Refinement on shift scheduling in altitude to provide better engine responsiveness
• Revamped warm-up mode scheduling to provide faster engine warmup (i.e. 1-2 gears lower compared to normal shift maps)
• Increased minimum engine speed after upshift during DPF regeneration for better regen efficiency (this feature will only appear with the GDE Hot Tune installed in ECM).
• Eliminated shift schedule offset based on steering wheel angle to give better continuity of powertrain presence.
• All new tow/haul mode scheduling for maintaining best engine speed range during trailering.
• More use of converter lockup and reduced slip rates to reduce tranny fluid heat load and improve fuel economy.
• More linear response in shifting in medium/high load.
• The shift speeds are quicker and torque response optimized.
• Positive torque requests enabled during downshifts at lower engine speeds for smoother and quicker shifts.
• Torque management maps calibrated for proper clutch control in high output applications (i.e. GDE Turbo Kit, etc), and positive torque enabled during closed throttle downshifts for improved shift comfort
• Highway passing downshifts are sharper and torque is immediate.
• Holds gear better while towing and less hunting on grades.
• Raised absolute input torque limits to enable full torque capacity of GDE Turbo Kit
• Ram vehicles now feature our GearCommand™ feature letting the (+) and (-) buttons on steering wheel to command up- and down-shifts when pressed instead of setting max allowed gear.
• Enables 2nd gear launch from a stop using wheel buttons (Ram) 

Engine Braking Feature

The engine braking feature is a useful add-on for customers that tow often or folks that drive down mountain grades. The feature is active when the following conditions are met: in gears 1-8, engine rpm above 2500 rpm, and foot off the accel pedal. While the engine braking is active the turbo vanes are closed more to create higher back pressure in the exhaust manifold. This makes it harder to push exhaust out and that force acts on the pistons to help slow the vehicle down. This helps to reduce the need for vehicle brakes and reduces wear on the brake hardware.

The feature not active in normal driving conditions.

Regen Message Feature

The regen message feature will notify of an active regen event in the cluster with ‘regen active, continue driving’, then it will change to at % countdown from 80-10 as the regen progresses.  It will also notify ‘regen complete’ when the cycle has finished.

This is a very useful feature for vehicles doing a lot of short trips to drive a bit longer when the regen needs to happen to prevent DPF plugging issues in the field.  It is also a cool message to see and better understand what the vehicle is doing.

Trans Race Mode

Race mode instructions

All Ram 1500

  1. Engine and transmission warmed up (engine > 80°C, trans > 60°C)
  2. Vehicle at stand-still, steering wheel straight
  3. Normal “D” mode, tow/haul off
  4. Engage manual mode (press minus button once)
  5. Press brake pedal as hard as possible
  6. Accelerate engine to more than 1900rpm
  7. Release brake pedal and apply accelerator to WOT as fast as possible

At the conclusion of step 7, RACE mode is engaged and so shifts are with faster times than normal and *no torque management*.

RACE mode will exit when any of the below are fulfilled:

  1. Accelerator is released less than 92%, OR
  2. Current engaged gear reaches 6th or higher, OR
  3. A drive mode change occurs (i.e. exit manual shift mode, turn on tow/haul), OR
  4. Steering wheel is turned

After a successful RACE mode engagement, the function is blocked for 45 seconds. This allows all the shift elements to cool down from the prior use.

Trans Dyno Cal

This option is a separate trans tune that holds 5th or 6th gear to allow a full pull on a chassis dyno without the trans downshifting or disengaging lock-up.


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