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GM Colorado/Canyon 2.8l Performance & Fuel Economy

Performance & Fuel Economy

GM Colorado/Canyon 2.8l Performance & Fuel Economy Details

Engine Output Comparison

As indicated, the Green Diesel tune achieves a broad gain over the torque curve giving the driver a huge improvement in the drivability and “seat of the pants” feeling of the vehicle. Coupled with the transmission tune to hold gear to lower engine rpm, the torque is more usable throughout the rpm range.  The driver has more responsive and intuitive control as it relates to the accelerator pedal and chosen gear.

Also, the max power of the engine is achieved as soon as possible with the hot tune and maintained over a plateau as wide as possible (roughly 700rpm). This gives a noticeable gain in the performance feeling of the engine while accelerating.

Benefits and Features of the GDE tunes for the GM Colorado/Canyon 2.8l

GDE Combustion Concepts

  • Optimized fuel economy (2-4 mpg improvement) both while driving and at idle
  • Engine longevity increased
  • reduced eGR rates
  • Reduced soot formation leads to cleaner engine oil

Better transient engine performance

  • Faster time-to-torque giving elevated customer confidence in the driving experience
  • Required accelerator pedal effort to hold constant speeds is reduced
  • Engine performance is improved over stock from sea level to 12000ft elevation
  • At 5000ft, 0-60mph is 1.0s faster; at 9000ft, 0-60mph is 0.75s faster

Refined Transmission Control

  • Shifts are faster for performance feel
  • Better gear holding during acceleration and while cruising
  • More use of torque converter lockup for fuel efficiency and cooler trans temps
  • Increased feeling of being connected to road
  • In light throttle driving the engine runs lower rpm

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