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Competitor Assessment

Aftermarket Performance Competitor Assessment

Competitor Assessment

We have found several companies that sell after-market performance chips. We will not recommend any of the chips available on the market as these “fake” sensor readings and can lead to long term hardware issues.

"fake" sensor readings and can lead to long term hardware issues

mass air flow sensor functions

For instance, modifying how the mass air flow sensor functions will reduce the EGR in some operating regions, but will not account for altitude or engine warm-up routines so the effects are not linear and not optimized. Having less EGR is not always the best as this could lead to increased soot formation inside the EGR valve (due to lower flow rates) and an increased likelihood of a sticking EGR valve.

Inaccurate fuel economy

Faking the fuel pressure sensor could lead to fuel leaks if the pressure is above the hardware design threshold; this is more critical with heavy loads. A false fuel pressure reading will allow more fuel delivery at WOT, but without advancing the timing the resulting performance is not maximized and all you get is more black smoke. Additionally, a higher rail pressure in normal driving is not directionally correct for achieving improved fuel economy and more combustion noise may be evident.

boost pressure sensor output

Modifying the boost pressure sensor output will allow for more boost in all driving conditions, however this could shorten the life of the turbo in aggressive transient operation and also in continuous high running. Additionally, if the vehicle is operated in altitude conditions there will be an increased risk of over-speeding the turbo in most hill driving conditions.

best practice engineering principles

Based on sound engineering principles, we believe it is best to optimize engine operating parameters within the engine controller. In this manner, the changes to timing, set points and pressures will work together to provide improved fuel consumption and higher output without adding unnecessary stress to the engine hardware.