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All About The Tunes

Our core strategy: Maximize powertrain fuel efficiency and optimize the driving experience

Green Diesel Tuning

It is important to know that we tune the engine through the actual vehicle ECU. We are able to change the entire calibration and not just individual sensors.
Tuning changes vary based on application. The goals remain the same; maximize fuel economy, improve drive ability and performance.
The calibration in the engine control module is a tune. We modify the calibration to meet design targets.

It is best to optimize the engine tune and transmission tune to maximize fuel economy and performance.

Green Diesel Engineering, formed in early 2009, was established to fill a void left in the diesel performance market by add-on boxes or roughly-developed programmers that don’t truly take advantage of the performance and economy potential offered by diesel power systems.
Experience - Strategy - Solutions
Our modifications don’t come without extreme testing and validation of the calibration.

The testing and validation have been done in all conditions, i.e. cold and warm weather along with low to high elevation, so the calibration is robust through all seasons and in any different environment you might drive in the world.

Real-World Drivability - Validation
Light duty truck market is our focus

We use a hand-held OBD device to install engine and trans tunes in customer vehicle.  The OBD programmer tool allows up to 5 different tunes to be stored and downloaded to the vehicle based on the customer needs. This unit also reads and clears engine fault codes.

GDE continues to add to our product portfolio one vehicle application at a time

If your diesel vehicle is not on our tuned list yet, drop us a line and we will assess timing/development to add the application.