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Performance Mercedes

Mercedes CDI (M, E and R-class) Performance and Fuel Economy

ML320 R280/320 E320 Eco Tune
215 hp 215 hp 201 hp 241 hp(230 hp E320 3.2I)
398 ft*lb 398 ft*lb 369*ft*lb 440 ft*lb(410 ft-lb E320 3.2I)

0-60 mph Performance (Sea level, 70° F)
Run (in seconds) 1 2 Avg
Production 8.0 8.2 8.1
Eco Tune 7.2 7.4 7.3

The torque curves with the GDE tunes are broader and relatively flat from 2000-3400 rpm. This dramatically improves drivability and vehicle response in all conditions.


The fuel economy improvements are considerable when driving at constant speeds or accelerating conservatively, with an average gain of 2-4 mpg. If driving aggressively it is feasible to maintain stock fuel economy with much more performance. Driving style has a significant impact on overall fuel economy.