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Calibration Validation

Our modifications don't come without extreme testing and validation of the calibration. The testing and validation have been done in all conditions, i.e. cold and warm weather along with low to high elevation, so the calibration is robust through all seasons and in any different environment you might drive in the world. You can drive from the ocean all the way into the mountains with complete linearity.

We further optimized the real world drivability by utilizing thermocouples, smoke meters, and speed sensors while driving on the highway in multiple driving conditions and scenarios.

These validations are extremely crucial so that there are no hardware failures or other problems due to climate or elevation. There are many problems or unwanted results that can be found if this testing is not done, ranging from a very noisy engine, additional tailpipe smoke, or far worse, a turbo that fails because it over-speeds.

Our climatic and altitude validation sets GDE apart from other chips/tuners. Others do not account for these variations and thus warrant future problems or unwanted results in these adverse environmental conditions. Other chips only work ideally in one driving condition and do not allow for change in elevation or temperatures. GDE accounts for this and creates linear drivability.