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Calibration General

It is important to know that we tune the engine through the actual vehicle ECU. We are able to change the entire calibration and not just individual sensors. Below list some of the parameters we modify (based on application and software) to improve the engine efficiency:

  • Fuel Rail Pressure
    • Better Fuel delivery
    • Increased power
  • Boost Pressure
    • Increased performance
    • Less visible smoke
    • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Injection Timing
    • MAXIMIZES fuel economy
    • Helps lower exhaust temps
  • Pilot injection Timing/Quantity (on common rail engines)
    • Maintain low engine noise
    • Aids in reducing fuel consumption
  • Governing systems
    • Enhance driveline stability
    • Reduce vibration
    • Better throttle tip-in response
    • Refined pedal mapping
    Tuning changes vary based on application. The goals remain the same; maximize fuel economy, improve drive ability and performance.