Welcome to Green Diesel Engineering, your new home for the best in diesel powertrain tuning! GDE provides engine and transmission control unit re-programming that produces large percentage gains in fuel economy and power while maintaining a smoke-free exhaust and respect to all component limitations. Tuning has many benefits to prolonged engine life including cleaner oil, lower exhaust temps, and eliminating intake soot.

We have several tunes developed for fuel economy and performance for Jeep, Mercedes, and Volkswagen diesel powered vehicles. A full product listing is located in the "Vehicles Tuned" link.

Most of our tunes are installed using our Flash Scan programmer tool. This unit will store up to 3 tunes, one being your stock tune. Jeep Liberty customers have additional purchase options including shipping your ECU to us for tune install or renting the flash programmer tool.

We have a 60 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the tune, we will re-flash your ECU back to stock configuration free of charge. If in the future a dealer inadvertently updates your controller, you can send it back to us and we will update it with the tuned calibration.

Inquiries can be directed to our email at support@greendieselengineering.com or by calling (248) 977-9531.

For Australian customers we are teamed with local distributer, Murchison Products, to handle orders and provide local support. Their link is below.